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Tell me more about the GTD India Community

Watch a 2 minute introduction to GTD

Learn how you can use GTD to free up your mind and focus on what's most important to you.

The GTD India community has been setup so that GTD ethusiasts can network & share their best practices with each other.

It is brought to you by the personal development venture 'Calm Achiever', led by the brothers Arif & Ali Vakil. They are certified GTD Trainers, and hold the Master Franchise of GTD in India.

"The entire GTD approach has boosted not only my productivity but also my wider well-being"

“GTD has shaped my way of living and cotinues to help me be as innovate and creative as possible.”

“Before applying GTD to my life I was overwhwlmed... today I am a whole new person”

Who is GTD for?

People from different backgrounds looking to up their game and move to the next level, can benefit from GTD


Business Owners

You need control over your day to day activities as well as the perspective to know the direction to move towards. GTD will give you the techniques to achieve both, so that you can grow your Business.

No one has a greater need for work-life balance. GTD will help you clear your mind, so when you’re at a soccer game you can cheer your kids instead of watching your phone! 


Too many meetings? Too many interruptions? Too many mails? With GTD, you can thrive in the busiest and most demanding of environments by honoring your commitments. And relax when you choose to! 


Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. GTD will show you how to get the mundane stuff out of the way and give your creativity laser focus. 

Creative Artists

Here's how GTD can improve your life!

GTD has helped some of the most talented and brightest people around the world be more effective & creative.

Sharpen your Focus

Know how to manage projects

Prioritize what matters the most

Gives space for you to Relax

Distraction free mind for creativity

Make Progress without stress

Break free from procrastination

Get long term perspective

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Frequently asked questions.

Got questions? We have got answers. Here are some common questions asked.

Where are GTD Workshops conducted?

GTD Fundamentals workshops will be conducted around the country. Join our mailing list to know when and where the next workshop will be held. 

How do I get started with GTD?

A good way to start is by reading the book. For a more interactive & hands on approach, you can attend one of our live Workshops.

Can I get certified in GTD to train others?

Yes. We will soon be conducting Train the Trainer GTD Workshops. If you're a GTD Practitioner and would like to become a trainer, get in touch with us.

Yes absolutely. We've conducted rewarding GTD workshops for other companies and can do the same for you. Get in touch with us for a quote.

Can you do a GTD Workshop for my Company?

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